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Trump coronavirus task force 'beginning to see glimmers of progress,' but models still show 100,000 U.S. deaths from virus

Trump coronavirus task force 'beginning to see glimmers of progress,' but models still show 100,000 U.S. deaths from virusThe Trump administration said Sunday that it was “beginning to see the glimmers of progress” in the fight to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the United States and across the globe.

Fired US Navy captain reportedly emailed his coronavirus warning because he believed his boss would have prevented it

Fired US Navy captain reportedly emailed his coronavirus warning because he believed his boss would have prevented itThe Navy's acting secretary said Capt. Brett Crozier was "panicking" and was flabbergasted by him being "so out of character."

Supreme Court rejects church challenge to ban on bus ads

Supreme Court rejects church challenge to ban on bus adsThe Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal from a Catholic church in Washington, D.C., that sought to place religious-themed ads on public buses. The justices are leaving in place a federal appeals court ruling that found no fault with the Washington transit agency policy that banned all issue-oriented advertisements on the region’s rail and bus system. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington sought to place an ad on the outside of public buses in the fall of 2017.

What does a state of emergency mean for Japan?

What does a state of emergency mean for Japan?Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in several parts of the country, including Tokyo, where coronavirus infections are spiking. It covers Tokyo and neighbouring Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama, the western hub of Osaka and neighbouring Hyogo, as well as the southwestern region of Fukuoka. In February, the governor of northern Hokkaido announced a localised state of emergency as cases increased, but lifted the measure after several weeks.

Peter Navarro Touts His Qualifications on Unproven Coronavirus Drug: ‘I’m a Social Scientist’

Peter Navarro Touts His Qualifications on Unproven Coronavirus Drug: ‘I’m a Social Scientist’Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro roundly dismissed concerns from the nation’s top infectious-disease expert on an unproven coronavirus drug while touting his own qualifications as a “social scientist” on Monday, adding that he knows “how to read statistical studies.”Over the weekend, it was reported that Navarro clashed with Dr. Anthony Fauci over the efficacy of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine. Navarro reportedly attacked the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director at the White House for questioning his knowledge of science as he promoted the drug’s potential.During a CNN interview Monday morning, Navarro essentially confirmed the heated debate indeed took place while lauding the drug as an effective treatment of COVID-19. Asked by anchor John Berman about the disagreement he had with Fauci, Navarro quickly pointed to a small study in China that shows some possible efficacy as a source of some of the tension.“There was that discussion on Saturday, and if we didn’t have disagreement or debate in the Trump administration, this administration would not be as strong as it is,” Navarro added.Berman, meanwhile, noted that Fauci himself has urged caution on the Chinese study’s findings while saying there are other studies that haven’t shown much effectiveness.“So why is Dr. Anthony Fauci, the lead infectious-disease doctor in this country, wrong about this?” Berman wondered aloud.“I’ll let him speak for himself, but I’ll have two words for you: second opinion,” the Trump aide replied. “In terms of the studies that exist, I think you would grant me that there are numerous studies on this, which show preliminary therapeutics.”The CNN host cut Navarro off, asking him what exactly were his qualifications to take on a top medical expert on matters of medicine and disease.“Doctors disagree about things all the time,” Navarro said. “My qualifications in terms of looking at the science is that I’m a social scientist. I have a Ph.D. and I understand how to read statistical studies, whether it’s in medicine, the law, economics, or whatever.”The economist went on to tout the opinion of a doctor who had recently misrepresented his qualifications to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, eventually resulting in Ingraham being forced by Twitter to remove a tweet celebrating hydroxychloroquine’s supposed miraculous healing effects at a New York hospital.Berman would continue to confront Navarro on his qualifications and expertise on coronavirus and the drug, eventually prompting Navarro to ask the CNN anchor whether he’d take the hydroxychloroquine if he were sick.“I would listen to my doctor about whether or not I should take it,” Berman said, adding, “I would not listen to someone involved with trade policy.”At the end of the segment, meanwhile, Berman took great offense when Navarro suggested that he actually didn’t want people to recover from the disease.“We all want the same thing, which is people to get better,” Berman declared, causing Navarro to snarkily reply, “I’m not sure we do sometimes.”“Don’t you dare,” the CNN anchor shot back, noting he currently has two colleagues who have been stricken with the disease.Navarro pleaded innocent, claiming Berman was putting words in his mouth and didn’t let him finish his sentence while insisting he was just trying to show a “false dichotomy.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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Why U.S. Engagement Policy Is The Correct One

Invariably, when one thinks of the efficacy of a nation’s military, the mind’s eye is drawn to the ability of that country to deliver a \"warhead onto the forehead\" of their enemies. Indeed, owing to the Pentagon’s slick packaging of the First Gulf War, modern conflict, in the American mind, became synonymous with high-tech toys, grainy videos of successful missile shots, and a quick resolution of hostilities.

Living Wages Are A Global Problem

The recent protests for an increased minimum wage are part of a larger global protest. The purpose is the same for low wage earners all over the world; increase wages to match the cost of living, and allow workers to form unions if desired and needed. The global protest has gained media attention all over the world, but critics claim that is the only accomplishment the movement will have.

Ukraine: Not What It Seems

After tense days of fighting this week, people in Ukraine are mourning the dead and celebrating the removal of President Victor Yanukovych from power. The final struggle that began on February 18, was the bloodiest endured by the protesters of Euromaidan. By February 22 the fighting was over.

In a Five to Four Decision, Voting Just Got Harder

In a five to four decision along party lines, the Supreme Court ruled on the controversial Shelby County v. Holder case. The ruling, believed by many sets the nation back decades in Civil Rights, while others see it as the fault of Congress dropping the ball on updating the act when it should have years ago.

Coup Or Civil War In Egypt

The day after new protests erupted in Egypt the military in a show of support presented an ultimatum to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood-led government. Morsi was to step down from power and meet all of the demands of the Egyptian people, or face being removed by the military on Wednesday. As the ultimatum deadline draws closer in Egypt, Morsi refuses to leave, insisting that parliamentary elections are needed before he should be removed, and that he doesn't have permission from the United States to remove himself from power. Most recently he stated he will pay with his life to preserve the sanctity of the ballot box.


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